This post is from last year, about August of 2016. This visit was the first trip I made after I got the idea to start this website and just did a quick search for what was considered one of the best restaurants in Beijing. The restaurant was Mr. Shi, a well known and highly reviewed dumpling spot in the hutongs near the Drum and Bell Tower. I expected it to be a tourist trap considering I found the location on trip advisor (top 10 if I remember correctly) and they had all sorts of dumplings adapted for westerners including a Nutella dumpling. To the best of my knowledge, there are two locations, both within 100 feet of each other. I went to the smaller of the two locations and had the restaurant to myself.

I ended up with 6 fried and 6 steamed. Fillings included 2 pork and chives, chicken and corn, and lamb with garlic and onion. As usual I preferred the steamed. Nothing against fried food (I am American after all) but I generally find fried dumplings overpower the filling.

Of course I got old standby of sautéed greens with garlic and chili peppers.

I remember enjoying the meal and they were just as good as the best dumplings you would find in the states but I wouldn’t recommend visiting if you are a local. Too many superior spots to get dumplings. But for the less adventurous visiting Beijing, it would do.

The restaurant front.

Chicken and pork.

The steamed dumplings.

Perhaps the greatest thing in China.


Always add soy sauce, ginger, and “old vinegar” to the chili sauce. 


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