For this restaurant review I decided to be brave. I randomly walked around my neighborhood and went into the first restaurant I encountered once past the third ring road. Brave isn’t the correct word, that sounds insulting to my host country….but adventurous for sure! I have done this before and the results come from a very, very wide distribution. I would say this was a middle tier experience. My last attempt resulted in a raw blood soup.

I ordered two dishes. I have no idea what their names are but the first dish consisted of tripe, raw red onions, peanuts, carrots, chili sauce, sichuan peppers, and some sort of slow roasted meat. The meat was from every part of the animal of whatever was killed the day before, which is common in China. I had all sorts of cartilage and two types of tripe. The second dish had fried calamari, a hard boiled egg soaked in fish sauce, seaweed and tripe.

Dining at a more “authentic” establishment in China isn’t always informative when you’re by yourself and can’t speak the language. You may enjoy the meal, or at least have an “experience,” but you can’t identify the ingredients in your dish or learn any of the background of whatever it is you ordered. Either way, I enjoyed these meals and, no matter how trivial and corner it may seem, love carving out these little memories.

I included some shots of my neighborhood. Hope you enjoy them.



Fruit store #1. There is a fruit stand/store every 60 feet in Beijing.


No sink? No problem!


Fruit store #2.

Peppers in vinegar is what they had instead of soy or fish sauce. And like any Beijing food establishment worth its salt, they provide toothpicks at each table (on the left).

The restaurant front.


Fried calamari. They were fried in peanut (i.e. groundnut) oil which gave them an unusual and very addicting taste.


The mystery meat platter…




  1. the mystery meat platter sounds a little… questionable, but the calamari sounds delicious! have never seen, nor would i have ever thought, to pair calamari with tripe and eggs and seaweed.

  2. Omg, I think the mystery meat platter would have definitely scared me off! This sounds like very risky business and yet so fun. I am sure you find all sorts of local gems with this method of strolling and discovering.

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