This is a right bank Bordeaux. A good rule of thumb while tasting a Bordeaux is if the wine is a Merlot and Cab Franc blend then the wine is “right bank.” If it is a predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon blend, then it is “left bank.” The best way to distinguish between the two is in tannin structure and whether it tastes more of fruit of spice notes. This is clearly a right bank wine with a taste of strawberry and plum, no spice notes and moderate tannin structure. The body is very light; I think the proper way to describe the tannins is “silky and refined.” Little nose as the only thing I could smell was the fruit. Overall I enjoyed this wine and I would probably pair this is with some sort pasta dish. I’m still new in my wine education, but this honestly tasted like something produced in Burgundy (i.e. a Pinot Noir) but I’m sure thats just my lack of wine acumen talking.

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