This place is named Minas Bistro. I assumed it served  Minas Gerais style cuisine which is a state in the SE of Brazil. The best thing about this cuisine is its cheese which, unfortunately, was not served at this location. I asked for the two most popular dishes and the waiter pointed me to a steak and some sort of chicken dish. In Brazil, its best to avoid “Frango” unless you know exactly what you’re getting. I offer this advice because most proteins here are overcooked. With chicken the end result is usually uneatable. So naturally I opted for the steak, which was absolutely delicious. You can see that it was cooked medium rare which is difficult to find in Brazil. I’ve asked for it several times in restaurants and both results were comically bad. My intuition tells me that this is because it is still a pretty poor country and modern refrigeration and sanitation is still relatively new. In the not so distance past, meat wasn’t handled properly so you had to overcook it in order to avoid getting sick. There is no central market in Brasilia but I have been to the ones in São Paulo and Rio and in both places you’ll find beef and chicken sitting in the hot sun.

The fries, or batatas fritas, were well salted and golden brown, both of which are not that common in Brazil. They don’t salt their fries…seriously….

The rice and beans were pretty standard.

As always, stay curious my friends!







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