Dudu Bar is a “pop casual” restaurant located in Asa Sul (the south of Brasilia). The decor had an odd collection of James Dean, Snoopy, and Rosa Parks, none of which I really understood. The name of this restaurant will be odd to the native English speaker, but if you’re in Brasilia do not let that discourage you from checking this place out. I’ve only been once but I had a top notch experience. Somewhat pricy by local standards but for the quality of execution it is well worth it.

The menu size appears too large for the food to be as good as it was. I find that the best time to enter a restaurant is immediate after they open for dinner service. In Brasilia, this is usually 6 PM. This optimizes the quality of the food considering the staff is fresh and have not yet entered the “weeds.” They do have an English menu and most of it looked interesting. I opted for the Poderoso Chefáo for the appetizer which is grilled cheese with pepper chilly and crunchy garlic. It literally translates to “godfather.”  The cheese is called coalho and is one of the more popular cheeses in Brazil. While ubiquitous, I’m unaware if they use it for anything other than grilling. Textually it compares to a “squeaky” tofu with a curdy taste. This appetizer wasn’t bad but I found it too sweet after 4 or 5 pieces so it’s best to share.

The entree, however, was superb. I ordered the “Chef Dudu” which is a grilled fillet with red wine and guava reduction. It was accompanied with riso al salto which is an Italian dish of baked risotto. Both were absolutely delicious. The steak was cooked perfectly and the riso al salt was one of the most pleasing thing’s I’ve ever ate.

I’ll most certainly be back to explore more of the menu, in particular the banana gnocchi and the duck pastels.


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