I found a steak house located in “mechanics row,” of all places. This is just a long strip of car repair shops in Brasilia, long and narrow chock full of mechanics.

The steak house is only 1 month old and was almost entirely empty. I found it by pure chance. Menu was in both English and Portuguese and from what I could read was pretty accessible to an American.

I asked for the best dish on the menu as well as a Heineken. The waiter brought out their house special, the Soberani Steak. The waiter insisted I get the ancho which is ribeye in Brazil. It came grilled with a chimichurri sauce (red) and a shiitake, arugula, and parmesan risotto.

The steak was well done which is typical in South America, but it was still very tender. The chimichurri sauce had a high level of acidity which paired very nicely with the creamy risotto. I washed it all down with a cold generic beer.




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