This is Italian Brazilian which is, from my experience, a heavier version of Italian American. Cozy restaurant bordering on romantic.

As the first course I got the Arancini which are deep fried rice balls. These are popular in Brazil but I never see them too often in the US. These ones in particular had a touch of saffron, lemon and parmesan. Light and crispy, very nice way to start off a meal.

The entrée was Cannelloi di Gamberini which were cannelloni noodles filled with a shrimp and ricotta stuffing and covered in a white wine and red tomato sauce with shrimp and pesto. I asked for the most popular pasta dish and this is what the waiter brought out. Very heavy dish and could of easily fed two people. Multiple sauces which is something I’m not a huge fan of in general. Just too busy for me.

The wine was a red from Alentaejano, Portugal which is a blend of Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet. The wine has a smokey fruit profile with heavy tannins. It paired well with the meal.

As always, stay curious my friends.





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