This is a Greek restaurant run by an actual Greek….well, Canadian Greek.

I went for lunch which had the food by the kilo (a buffet where you pay by weight in food) and menu items. I ordered a lamb gyro and got a few appetizers from the buffet. 

The appetizers I choose included a few olives, homemade hummus, potato salad with dill, tomato with oregano, “feta cheese,” and fried calamari. 

The feta wasn’t at all like feta. It was more like a provolone. 

For the main course, I ordered the lamb gyro. it was not whole pieces of thinly-sliced marinated lamb skewered in a large stack on the rotisserie but diced lamb cooked on the griddle. This particular gyro also came with green bell pepper. 

For desert I shared the sweetest baklava I’ve ever had. It was sprinkled with cinnamon and covered in a simple syrup. 

As always, stay curious my friends!

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