Welcome to my first post! For my inaugural post I’ll be reviewing a restaurant I ventured to yesterday…not just any restaurant, but a Muslim-Chinese restaurant. At least I think it was a Muslim restaurant. Nothing about the food said Muslim to me but many things suggested Muslim. Either way, it was delish.

I ordered 6 items from the menu. I was in a neighborhood with an international hospital so they had a menu in “English.” I put English in quotes because the translation is always a bit off. But they provide pictures so it is all good.

I ordered..

  1. Sautéed diced chicken with chili sauce. It was advertised as Chongqing style which is part of Sichuan cuisine. To a novice like me, that basically means a protein will be cooked in a wok with tons of chili peppers. Needless to say I was on board. Chicken was a bit dry but the flavors of this dish were deep.
  2. Grilled Nan with crushed fennel.
  3. Garlic kabob. Probably the hit of the meal. It is amazing to me that something so pungent can be transformed into something so mild and tasty just by adding heat, salt, and peanut oil.
  4. Chicken heart kabob.
  5. Sour and spicy mushrooms. A bit too stringy to order twice. You have to be careful eating this as not to choke. It reminded me of something you would see at a Thai restaurant.
  6. Red tea. I expected the tea to be hot which is what I was in the mood for. Luckily they served hot tea without me requesting it.

Naturally I used the red chili sauce and soy sauce on nearly everything. It is a must!

Throughly enjoyed the meal. It was an “experience” in the sense that you get lost in the meal and don’t think about anything else but the food. Will repeat when in the neighborhood.

Total cost was 74 yuan which is about 11 dollars.





















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