Howdy visitors. Today was chilly so I ventured out to lunch with a good friend for some Hong Kong noodles. The place was a one floor walkup tucked away in a small street in Sanilutin and I opted for the brisket and medium size noodles with a side of radish soup. We also split an order of fish and beef balls. Perfect combination of warmth and saltiness from the brisket and noodle to warm you up on a cold day. And, as expected, the beef balls were super tasty.

The radishes, however, were what I expected. I’ve never seen radish soup before and for 2 american dollars why not try it? My friend said they were “sweet” although I didn’t pick that up. Plus, did you see the size of those things? How does one eat them with chop sticks? Awkward.

Now, I don’t want to sound culturally insensitive, because apparently they are a big deal in Hong Kong cuisine, but I don’t really get fish balls. I’ve had them at 2 star Michelin restaurants in Hong Kong and still don’t get them. But since they are such a big deal to certain parts of the world I would recommend trying them at least once. Apparently they are so prized in HK that they are the source of recent riots! But I just don’t care for them.

Overall an enjoyable meal and I also got to wash it all down with a cream soda, something I haven’t had in over 10 years. 🙂



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